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Hello everyone.
Day One:


Primary 7 arrived at camp around 1:30pm.  

The journey up was largely uneventful, with no sickness or travel woes to be had! 

The hills on the way up caused great excitement with snow tipped roofs leading to all thinking of sledging and skis! However, no snow to be found at Lagganlia on our arrival. 


Tonight was a dinner of tomato soup and baked potato with a salad bar on the side (no one was given an option to not have some salad!) and we are just about to start a walk out into the darkness! At the moment we are all just piecing our bed sheets together as it it were the world most difficult puzzle, something to behold!  


Pictures will hopefully follow by morning time as Apple devices are not talking to PC’s at the moment. All are safe and well and wish everyone back home a goodnight! 


Day Two 


All groups awoke (were woken!!) at 7am ready for showers, change of clothes and a room inspection!

Breakfast of toast, tea, juice, cereal and square/ quorn sausage followed at eight and then the groups were given the itinerary for the day.


Group 1: Josh, Amna, Keisha, Faith, Zuzana, Filip, Harel, Andra and Igor will be off for a big hill walk this morning aiming to get some height and take in the scenery. Lunch will be taken out and consumed on the hill!


Group 2: Steven, Lewis, Dominika, Halle, Tammy, Sarah, Stevi-Leigh, Conor and Alexander are off for a gorge walk and then a bike ride.

At the moment they are getting on their waterproofs and teddybear suits to keep them warm as the take a plunge into the icy depths of the waterfall!


Group 3: Sophie, Pola, Paislie, Holly, Hannah, Oli, Harley, Dylan, Alan and Liam are to take to the high seas with Mrs Choat as they canoe on Loch Insh and will take lunch on a deserted island they will travel to. On return their day will not be over yet as they will then take part in climbing on 'the wall' on site.


Group 4: Molly, Bryony, Grace, Mehr-un, Martyna, Barti, Sebastian, Edy and Wasik are also off for a gorge walk and currently looking fetching in their full body water suits! On return they are going to take aim and fire with some archery skills and no doubt a good deal of competition to be had!

Dinner tonight was a choice between veg enchiladas and beef chilli. Both were consumed well by very tired children and adults.

Some changes were made to the afternoon activities as the weather allowed for some snowboarding for one of the groups.

As of the last hour or so the children have not set foot in the buildings as they are having a great time exploring and taking in their surroundings. We are all just getting ready to head out now for a night line walk where the children will be set loose on an obstacle course in the woods and blindfold! Good luck!!

Day Three

All Groups up and ready to go early this morning.

Groups 1, 3 and 4 will all be out on a big exploration of various parts of the Cairngorms today, with long walks, eating lunch outdoors and taking in the views. For group one this will also include a abseil.

Group 2 are on a double day of canoeing and archery today and looking forward to it.

Breakfast today was cereal, toast and a choice of quorn or black pudding rolls! So plenty energy to keep them going for the day.

Picture to follow later!


Day Four

A hill walk will be undertaken by group two where they will be out for the whole day covering around 12Km of distance visiting a cairn at the top of a hill, a Bothy out in the woods and taking in some great views.


Group 4 are going to go boulder hopping and abseiling and then return to camp to learn the arts of bush craft and survival.

Group 1 will be getting suited and booted in their teddybear costumes and heading for some gorge walking. On return from this they will then get the bikes and head out into the forest for more adventure.

Group 3 are to decide from a menu of activities from archery, climbing, bushcraft skills, bikes and much more I'm sure.

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