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Primary 7 Camp

Day Four




Third day in a row of a good nights sleep.

The boys all woken up just after 7am, all with bleary eyes but ready for the day ahead.
The girls are all up at the moment getting their hair worked on, continuing from their spontaneous salon which was set up last night.

Yesterday one group were out for the whole day climbing a mountain and abseiling down it. Others out riding bikes, skiing and gorge walking.

Today will be a chance to hill walk, hike, archery, mountain biking and survival skills with fire and tent building.

No snow to report of today which will allow us the chance to go up bigger hills safely or get out on the bikes and into the forest.

Room inspections were a treat for the eyes last night. A real ‘scratch and sniff’ experience!!

More to come later as I will be on campus today.



Day Three

Another good nights sleep had by all.

Yesterday groups took part in canoeing, skiing, gorge walking, cross country skiing and a hill walk.

The children were all feeling it last night!! (some staff too!)

Lunch was set up as sandwiches, fruit, biscuits, crisps, cheese and flasks of hot chocolate.
Some were taken on the run, some up a hill with views out over the Cairngorm range and others on an island in the middle of a frozen loch.

Everyone is working hard for themselves and each other which is good to see, but we could always work harder!

More updates through the day.
Day Two



All have had a great nights sleep and no home sickness from anyone!

We have woken up to a covering of white on the ground and it does not seem to be letting up so fingers are crossed that we get some snow activities today!

We have still to meet our instructors to find out what we will be doing and will post this up when we do.

Off for breakfast now of cereal, toast, tea, coffee and square sausage rolls.

The below PPT will be updated with photos as we go along this week.



Day One



We have all arrived safe and sound with no accidents on the journey.

After a quick stop in Pitlochry we arrived at Lagganlia around 2pm.

There we met our instructors, got settled into our rooms and explored our surroundings.
Dinner was Penne Bolognese which we all devoured!!

Please stick with us for updates, the internet is very slow up here!!

Primary 7 camp 2017

Mr McCann



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